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     WEIHAI DOUBLE-WINNER OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is one of the factories of "DOUBLE-WINNER TEAM". The main products are rods and reels. Our team has always adhered to the policy of "DOUBLE-WINNER" with all of our customers since 1998.

    We have already done very good service for our customers for years both in negotiation in competitive prices for customers and in quality control before shipment. future more, we can do more work for customers to make your business growing fast. that is why our partners trust "DOUBLE-WINNER TEAM" so much.

    Welcome to DOUBLE-WINNER !


  Follow me,

  Treat nature,

  Go fishing!


  Add:1204 Guosha Building, 28 Jinxianding Road,Weihai,Shandong,264200,China. E-mail: info@double-winner.com